8 Reasons to Get an AC Tune Up Before Summer

In many parts of the world, fuel costs are rising and South Carolina is no exception. Many folks are looking for ways to keep their bills down and reduce unnecessary expenses. But rather than saving you money in the long run, skipping a pre-summer AC tune-up would actually be a false economy.

We can expect temperatures to hit the high nineties in August. That’s exactly the time you don’t want your AC to go on the fritz – and when it’s most likely to do so if you don’t get a tune-up.

Let’s take a look at 8 compelling reasons why now is the right time for an AC tune-up.

1. Check Your AC Survived the Winter

It’s tempting to just fire up your AC in spring and hope that it made it through the winter unscathed. But there are a few reasons why that’s generally a bad idea.

First, winter sees thousands of pests of all kinds running for cover. Mice, roaches, and even snakes can find your AC unit a convenient place to overwinter. If you just fire the thing up after months stood idle, you have no idea what it’s going to disturb.

That can lead to bad smells permeating your home at best and an expensive AC breakdown at the worst. It’s far safer to book an air conditioning tune-up and let a trained technician check out your entire system first.

2. Give It a Thorough Once Over

AC technicians are trained to spot parts that are still functional but are coming to the end of their working life. Identifying and replacing these parts before they fail can save you money.

They can also check the cleanliness of the unit and perform a thorough cleaning. They may also spot clogged filters that need to be cleaned or replaced and condensate drain lines that are on their last legs.

If the AC ducts get damp and moldy, this can spread mold and bad odors around the house. Not only is this unpleasant but it can be dangerous for your family’s health. Regular AC system maintenance and cleaning can stop these minor issues from developing into major ones.

3. Boost Its Efficiency

Regular AC maintenance will ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. Not only is this better for your wallet but it also benefits the planet. There’s no point wasting electricity on a system that’s clogged and has to work harder to reach the temperature on the thermostat.

They improve efficiency by making sure each component is cleaned. They check they’re functioning correctly and are properly calibrated.

Parts that are dirty will naturally get corroded and break down more quickly. An AC tune-up ensures every part is in good condition before you get into the hottest part of the year.

4. EPA Recommendation

Did you know that it’s not just AC repair companies that recommend a regular service? In fact, the EPA recommends getting a contractor to check your cooling system every spring.

They recommend AC system maintenance to ensure peak performance and keep unwanted costs to a minimum. They provide a typical maintenance checklist, so feel free to check with the AC company to see that they meet and exceed this standard.

5. Reduce Humidity

South Carolina is famous for its hot, humid summers. Our homes should be a haven, a cool, dry place to retreat to when the humidity becomes overbearing.

But if your AC is not calibrated correctly, you won’t get those benefits when you need them the most. Plus, you’ll get all the issues associated with high humidity. This includes condensation on windows, musty-smelling bathrooms, and that muggy feel to the air wherever you go.

6. Preserve the Warranty

Factory warranties on HVAC systems provide you with protection and peace of mind. But they normally require you to have regular AC system maintenance. If you don’t, you may invalidate the warranty and be left unprotected when the system breaks down.

You can also extend the lifespan of your AC system by scheduling twice-yearly maintenance – once in the spring and once in the fall. This can help to keep your system for 15 years or more.

7. Avoid Major Repairs

It’s possible to keep major air conditioner repair bills to a minimum through regular maintenance. Technicians are able to spot parts that are about to fail. If they are not replaced they can potentially cause catastrophic damage to other parts of the system.

Also, qualified technicians can perform jobs you can’t. They can check refrigerant levels, locate leaks, and repair them promptly. They can measure the airflow through the evaporator coil and make sure it’s up to standard.

They also know how to address any niggles you’re having with the electrical systems. They can make sure that pests haven’t done a number on your wiring over the winter.

All of this will help you to reduce the likelihood of having to replace the condenser fan, fix or replace the compressor, or replace capacitors.

8. Peace of Mind for a Great Summer

Summer in South Carolina is all about enjoying the great weather and having a beautifully cooled home to chill out in. The last thing you want is an AC breakdown and the stress that goes along with it.

An annual AC tune-up can help you to relax, knowing that you’ve got a refreshing place to retreat to when the summer does its worst!

Choose Cool Care for Your AC Tune-Up

South Carolina summers can be brutal – and especially if your AC system isn’t up to standard!

Scheduling an AC tune-up in the springtime is a wise course of action. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the system is clean, serviced, and ready for another long, hot summer!

Trust Cool Care Heating & Air with all your AC tune-up needs. Our AC maintenance plans for Columbia, SC homeowners ensure your system is always running at peak efficiency. You’ll get discounts on parts and labor and a semi-annual cleaning and tune-up as standard.

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