8 Signs That You Need to Hire Furnace Repair Services

8 Signs That You Need to Hire Furnace Repair Services

Wintertime is when you need your furnace working as efficiently as possible. Learn about eight signs that you need furnace repair services here.

During the winter months, you’ll notice your utility bill is most likely increasing due to the use of your furnace. In fact, your furnace alone can make up around 42 percent of your bill.

Now, imagine if your furnace is working in overdrive and you’re noticing out-of-the-ordinary behavior from it.

So knowing the proper warning signs can ultimately save you time and money when you need repairs.

If you’re concerned about your furnace, keep reading for 8 signs that you need furnace repair services!

1. Abnormal Smells

Your furnace will have a distinct smell when it’s started for the first time of the season. That smell should go away over time and as the unit runs its first few cycles.

Other abnormal smells could be signs of furnace issues. A smelly furnace could be a result of mold, dust buildup, fuel, or moisture in the system.

This may mean your system needs to be cleaned out or you have a gas leak that needs to be addressed. If the smells fail to dissipate, contact your HVAC company to further investigate the problem.

2. Trouble Starting

One of the most common furnace problems is having trouble starting the unit. This usually occurs with an older system that needs a tune-up or new parts.

If it won’t start at all or you have to restart it multiple times, you may need to contact your repairman. They will determine if this is a result of faulty wiring, thermostats, or old age.

Unfortunately, this could also be a sign that you need a full furnace replacement. Most often this is because the unit has reached its lifespan and is worn out.

3. No Heat

The biggest and most obvious sign that you’re having issues with your furnace is the loss of heat. If you have a set temperature for your home, your furnace should maintain the same heat levels each day.

When a loss of heat occurs, your furnace is not working the way it should be. First, check if your thermostat is working and your unit runs in conjunction with it. If it works properly, you may have a bigger problem at hand.

For example, your system could be losing heat due to leaking ducts, clogged burners or filters, or a motor problem.

4. Poor Air Quality

A furnace works by pushing warm air into your home. So the air you breathe is a direct result of what comes out of your heating system.

It’s important that the air quality in your home is clean for the health of those living in the residence. If your system is pushing out bacteria, dirt, mold, or mildew you may be experiencing health issues.

For example, serious respiratory, allergenic, or ailment problems could happen due to poor air quality. Try replacing the filter to see if air quality improves. If not, you may need professional cleaning of the entire system.

5. Odd Noises

Your furnace will always make noise and will never be completely silent, but that’s normal. A problem could be apparent if you hear unusual noises like loud banging, rattling, or whistling.

Groaning is a common indication of worn bearings or internal components. A squeal or whistle could mean there’s an air leak or belt and fan issues. More seriously, a loud clicking could mean there’s a crack in the heat exchanger.

Whatever the noise, try your best to describe what you’re hearing to your HVAC company so they can assess the situation.

6. Carbon Monoxide Alert

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and deadly gas. If your carbon monoxide detector ever alerts, turn off your furnace immediately. You’ll then need to open windows and doors to ventilate your home.

The most common reason that your furnace is releasing carbon monoxide is due to a cracked heat exchanger. Remember not to turn on your system again until you contact professionals to inspect the gas.

They will then determine if a replacement is needed or if the gas is coming from elsewhere.

7. Rising Utility Bill

Have you noticed that your utility bills are increasing in cost each month? If so, this is a great indication that your unit is working insufficiently.

When this occurs, it usually means that your system is using more energy than needed in order to maintain its temperature. In other words, it’s working in overdrive to keep your home warm and comfortable.

This could mean you need a simple tune-up or parts are worn. Your contractors can help find the problem and get it running correctly.

8. Over Cycling

A furnace unit that turns on and off repeatedly, instead of running at a normal rate, is cause for concern. This can be because of a wide variety of issues with your heating system.

First, always check your thermostat to ensure it is functioning correctly. Then, make sure your filters are not clogged and your heat sensor is clean.

If the problem persists, you may have an inadequate unit or air circulation is poor in your home. Be sure you monitor how the system is behaving in order to tell your HVAC servicer.

Don’t Freeze! Get Your Furnace Repair Services Today!

If your furnace is exhibiting any of these signs, you may need some furnace repair services soon. Always keep an eye out for any unusual heating activity, so you’re not without heat this winter. Don’t forget to contact us today for all of your heating and air needs! Let Cool Care Heating and Air take care of you!